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Contact Information

Topic Department Contact
General mortgage security questions Freddie Mac Investor Inquiry
1551 Park Run Drive, MS D5O
McLean, VA 22102
Phone: (800) 336-3672

Email: investor_inquiry@freddiemac.com
Giant PCs, Giant MBS and Supers Execution Single-class Issuance Email: giants@freddiemac.com
Strip, REMIC, Subprime, Callable, Re-REMIC, Guaranteed Final and other newly structured product execution Multiclass Transaction Management Phone: (866) 903-2767
Mortgage Security Settlements Securities Allocation Management (SAM) Phone: (571) 382-4020

Email: SF_SAM@freddiemac.com
Gold PC Exchanges Securities Operations Email: exchange_ops@freddiemac.com
Issuing, trading, replacing and retiring REMIC and structured pass-through certificates Office of the Registrar Email: investor_inquiry@freddiemac.com
Consumers with questions related to foreclosure prevention or Making Home Affordable program 1 (800) FREDDIE Phone: 1 (800) FREDDIE or (800) 373-3343, press #2 for a customer service representative.
Homebuyers and real estate professionals with questions regarding Freddie Mac’s foreclosed homes HomeSteps
Attn: Customer Service
5000 Plano Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75010
Phone: (800) 972-7555