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Level 1 / Level 2 Securities

Level 1 / Level 2 Securities Disclosure Documents


UMBS Disclosure
Property Valuation Method
Additional Disclosure Information


PC Exchange

PC Exchange


Gold PC Exchange Program and Disclosures For the latest information on the Freddie Mac Gold PC Exchange Program, including production disclosure files, a program overview, float compensation materials, etc., please visit the PC Gold Exchange page


Level 3 (Multiclass) Securities

Level 3 (Multiclass) Securities Disclosure Documents


Enterprises' Aligned L3 Disclosure Sample Files Final Data Statement
REMIC Factor File
REMIC Component File
Reset Indices File - Delay & No Delay
Additional Resources
(Updated – May 2019)
Multiclass Disclosure File Conversion Overview for Single Security
Freddie Mac Disclosure File Directory


Repurchases of Ineligible COVID-19 Forbearance Loans

Repurchases of Ineligible COVID-19 Forbearance Loans


Monthly Impact Files September 2020
August 2020